Arancio Pearl アランチョパール [AP-01]

Arancio Pearl アランチョパール [AP-01]

販売価格: 1,100円(税別)

(税込: 1,210円)

希望小売価格: 972円






1. Mystar塗料1色につき1度のご注文はお1人様3本までとさせていただきます。また、前回のご注文から再度ご注文いただくまでの期間が短いと当店が判断した場合は理由なくキャンセルいたします。そして、ご注文者が違うお名前でも発送先が同じ住所の場合もキャンセルさせていただきますので予めご了承ください。

2. 個人的に塗料をご使用になる場合のご注文は差支えありませんが、転売目的と疑わしいと判断されるお客様のご注文はキャンセルいたします。



※ We would like to ask customers who order Mystar paints at our store.

Recently, we have a customer who buys a large amount at once, so we are sorry for the inconvenience to other customers. For these reasons, we would like to change the sales method as follows.

1. One person can order up to 3 bottles of Mystar paint per color. In addition, if we judge that the period from the previous order to the re-order is too short, we will cancel the order without any reason. Also, please note that even if the name of the orderer is different but the shipping address is the same, we will cancel the order.

2. There is no problem with orders for personal use, but we will cancel orders for customers who are suspected to be reselling.

Also, please note that refunds due to cancellation of orders paid with PayPal will be refunded after deducting the PayPal fee.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.


  • 塗装作例
    アオシマ 1/24 ランボルギーニカウンタック